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Depends on the cat maybe????

When our 2 year old female calico goes into heat we found that first off has to me to do the consoling, the wife just won't do.
What I do is i hold her against my chest, humming in low tones, but I hold her to allow her to let her stretch her body out so her feet are dangling, and i gently massage her belly while I'm humming. She gets extremely relaxed and doesn't meow so much after I do that for about 5-10 minutes a few times a day.

At night time she lays next to me and the wife, and we both keep a hand on her and she sleeps through the night with us also.

I don't know if it is just because we got lucky, but I think as long as you're not doing something to not bring harm to the cat, and it helps her through a tough time, then do it.

So if someone wants to flame this post, meh, you don't matter. I know my cat, and I know what soothes her so she's not being noisy, and annoying.

We pay attention to her, and do what we can because we love her very much.

Some cats love being i boxes, some love attention, some love jumping in water. No matter how strange the cure may seem, I think it you truly love your companion, and you try to find that thing that comforts them through their heat stage, do it. As long as it doesn't harm them, you're still paying attention to them and loving to them, I don't see any harm in thing.

I've had a few cats in my life and these tricks have worked for them all. But they were 2 calico, and 1 siamese. So it might work differently for other breeds of cats and different attitudes of cats.

Cats are individuals. Cats have their own personality. Just like people. Love them, and nurture them, and they'll adapt to you better in my opinion.
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