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Originally Posted by cat hater View Post
Put it in a crate! Mine shuts right up even in the middle of horny howling heat! Why do you all mention being "up all night" and "not getting any sleep". Why do you all let your cats run your life? Just crate your dang cats when you go to bed. Same as you would a crate trained dog. Our cat is 9 months old and has been crated at night EVERY night. I don't care if it stays up all night staring at the wall. The important thing is that my wife and I get to sleep. She willingly goes into the crate too, I don't have to force her. When she's in heat she won't run around the house at night, howl and knock crap over. And guess what else? When she's not in heat she won't run around the house at night and knock crap over.

...... at least shut your bedroom doors and turn on a box fan. Or just shut the cat in a far off room at night with the litter box inside.

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I put mine in her carrier if she acts up. She seems to like the carrier. And its comfortable for her. Agree on this one.
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