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neuter male cats?

OK hopefully this is in the right area. alright please note i have only had female cats...
How long does the selling last after they get fixed and does it still look like he has gonads????
Got Sylvester done last Friday the 28th and well it looks like he still got gonads. i know with male dogs you can tell right away if they are fixed or not before well they aren't there. but well i have no idea on Sylvester case.
I have never owned a male cat that stuck around.(lost one to a car and lost one in a move..)

So i was wondering if its normal for him to still look like he got them or should i be trying to get him into the vet. i've googled it and well i am getting different answer so was hoping people on here with male cats would give me an idea on what i should except and what not.
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