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Originally Posted by marko View Post
I dunno LB, not sure about this one. I'm assuming we are talking about an offleash park but I could be wrong.

OP didn't specify exactly what happened. But you can see how when the average person's smaller dog gets pinned down by a larger one they are understandably upset. I hate to say it....sigh. But it often depends on the dog park. Yes it's possible that a pup can inadvertently elicit/invite a bite. But we've also seen baaaaaad/negligent dog owners that let their poorly trained/untrained dogs run amok. If these types of people are at the dog park in to change dog parks imo.
I had to end up bringing Marty to a playgroup for small dogs so he could have some fun. He was watched the first time to see how to got along with other dogs and he got a good report card.
A lot of dog owners use the dog leashes that extend and do not train their dogs to heel or stay etc. I really feel if dogs could they would be driving their owners to parks today as it looks like the dogs are taking their owners for a walk the way the dogs pull them around.
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