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Originally Posted by marko View Post
I dunno LB, not sure about this one. I'm assuming we are talking about an offleash park but I could be wrong.

OP didn't specify exactly what happened. But you can see how when the average person's smaller dog gets pinned down by a larger one they are understandably upset. I hate to say it....sigh. But it often depends on the dog park. Yes it's possible that a pup can inadvertently elicit/invite a bite. But we've also seen baaaaaad/negligent dog owners that let their poorly trained/untrained dogs run amok. If these types of people are at the dog park in to change dog parks imo.

It's quite natural for an adult dog to set limits for puppy and act on them if need be. The link I provided corroborates and many more in a similar vein can be found. But you are right, we don't know the full story. That's why I asked so many questions. Some dog owners are not versed in dog body language. Maybe the bigger dog was a bully and maybe Muffy being knocked down was inappropriate. But maybe not and if not both owners prevented Muffy from learning a lesson she needs to learn. Whenever someone says their dog was "attacked" but then there are no injuries reported I have to wonder how much it was an attack and how much it was normal dog interaction misundertstood by the human component.
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