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Hi members,

Hard to believe it's April - any ideas for photo themes this month?


Maybe now is the time to do something with spring? If spring ever gets here, anyway... *sigh* Maybe if we did a spring theme, it would shame Mother Nature into warming us up!

How about Just the theme Green - that way we can add green if none can be found naturally?

That sound OK with me . I am only seeing mud where I live.

Yikes! I thought spring had finally arrived here on Monday. Tomorrow we are to receive freezing rain and then snow for Saturday
Something green sounds interesting.....gonna try and get a close-up of Tiggers big green eyes.....might take a while as he is not the most patient of subjects!

I like GREEN yes I hope soon.....

Green works for me, too! Even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate!

i kind of feel bad as i have green here.. and nice warm weather.. the kids and dogs have been on the trampoline and i usually take the dogs for a walk with no sweater as it nice and warm here.. i guess living in BC does has its bright side.
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