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Well I just have to say at about two weeks now, Halo looks wonderful. Her coat is so shiny and clean. The dandruff is all but gone (a good bath would clear that up but no time right now), the itchies are all but gone. It's so wonderful. That's the probiotics at work on the yeast infection. Not sure what the melatonin is doing, but it's certainly not hurting so we'll just carry on with that, it's dirt cheap ($5.99 a bottle).

I have to say, it feels great to have been pro-active and trusted my friends here and my gut to go forward and try something "outside" the box. Not recommending that people not see the vet or trust the vet, but wow, the stuff the vet recommended did nothing for Halo like this. I am just so pleased right now.

I understand that nothing will FIX Halo, she's old, there's no fixing that. But I get comments now that she looks like a puppy, and she sure wasn't getting that a month ago.
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