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Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Glucose levels still down yesterday, so much so that the vet would like us to begin to reduce the insulin.

Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Thank you SO MUCH for the advice of eliminating dry food. It makes me really angry that my vet did not suggest this, and sold us a bag of the diabetic dry food.
Unfortunately many vets really haven't made the connection yet between dry food and the detrimental effects it has on feline health. A big part of that is due to the rather unethical influence from pet food companies like Hill's, Purina, Royal Canin etc on not only the profit margins of most vet clinics, but also the education of the vets themselves. Hopefully your vet is open to learning from this situation and will take diet more seriously next time she's treating a diabetic kitty.

Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
i will be sure to update again as we go.
Please do! Crossing my fingers that he continues to improve, maybe even to the point of not needing insulin.
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