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That's great news Dee-O-Gee!

When this first happen to Shiloh she seemed so depressed, I think it was very painful. We were given a prescription for metacam, not rimadyl but I was too scared to use it so gave her aspirin. I know that aspirin can also have side effects but for some reason I felt worried given her age. But a strong anti-inflammatory is very helpful and recommended. It is good we are both over the worst part

Shiloh had another visit with the holistic vet today for physical therapy and acupuncture. I am going to continue with the Chinese herbals and finish up my Sasha blend. I was reading that the Sashas does contain HA so that is good. I think it also takes some time for these things to build up in the body but if I think back a month ago, we have really made some progress.

Let me know what you learn about the braces. I researched them but as I started seeing an improvement, wondered if it was necessary. We don't have a resource for the braces here so think it would have to be ordered online and I would be worried about the proper measurements.
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