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The Tri-Acta HA along with the Rimadyl has done wonders with Gryphon. A week ago, there were a couple instances where we had to carry him up the stairs to bed and since Friday, he's been charging up by himself!

I've researched these braces only to find it difficult to understand the order process on the sites I've visited.

Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't appear that you can just order a stifle brace (small, medium, large) but they are custom made. I would suspect that a custom made brace would be quite costly in comparison to surgery itself.

In any event, my Vet called me at home this evening inquiring about Gryphon and I explained the challenges I was having about the braces. He said if I had some spare time, to pop into the office and we could sit down and research the brace options together.

Wow! First off, never had any previous vet calling me at home a few days later asking about my pet's condition and secondly, for him to suggest I stop by so we can look further into the braces made me feel so much better.

I have to swing by within the next 5 days to pick up a full prescription of Rimadyl so hopefully, the Vet & I can sit down at that time to research them.
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