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Thank you for the link to the Tri-Acta Dee-O-Gee. It sound like you are getting good results. I am currently through a half tub of Sasha's blend and I wouldn't mind trying the Tri-Acta to see if it helps more than what I'm doing. I'll make sure to get the one that contains HA.

Last night was a great sleep for all of us so that really makes a difference

I hope Gryphon continues to improve!

Thanks again for all your advice MaxaLisa. Shiloh is doing okay. It's my worrying about everything that doesn't help although it really helps your psychology when you can sleep through the night!

Funny, I was just reading about apple pectin. It is in a product called amber technology Carticil Plus. Supposed to help joints and digestive issues.

Thanks too for the Swanson's link. I was also looking at Standard Process supplements. Again, hard to find in Canada but there is a holisric vet in Vancouver that sells some products online and he is always suggesting the liver cleanse called Livton. They are pretty pricey supplements though.

I hope Jazz feels better. I love what antibiotics can do but hate the side effects.
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