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Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Just to confirm, he IS on a long lasting type insulin.
My understanding of ProZinc is that it's a medium-long lasting insulin, with anywhere from 10-14 hours duration, but that there is quite a bit of variability between cats. What dose did the vet first start your kitty on? Do you use U40 or U100 syringes?

Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Do you think we should switch to another type?
Not necessarily, but many vets don't realize there are other options besides just the "animal" insulins like Caninsulin (usually horrible for cats) or ProZinc.

Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Maybe the dry food is affecting it? We are going to try without it for a few days to see if it makes a difference.
Dry food, even the lower carb varieties, can still have a profound affect on blood sugar. Good idea to eliminate it, but please make sure to test him more frequently (especially around when his bg typically goes the lowest) in case he goes TOO low.

Are you keeping a log book at all? I had one for my cat where I would write down what he ate, roughly how much, how often he went pee, how much insulin he got, and what his blood sugar was. It really helped to spot trends.
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