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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
I think that depends on the diet and the dog. There technically is no diet that is hypoallergenic for every dog, and there could be sensitivities too. What are you feeding?

No other advice. I know here, I found a good internal medicine vet at a specialty clinic to work with. I don't know if that's an option for you - I would want to know if your vet has anyone at the university or otherwise that s/he has consulted with and would refer to. That's how I found that vet I'm using now. All these specialists are pretty expensive though. I don't know about Canada

Sometimes paying the extra money for the specialist, in the long run, ends up being less expensive though, because they have more experience with the weird things. This has a "search function" that includes Canada (Ontario, BC, etc.). You would want SAIM (small animal internal medicine), just to see if you have other options near you.
We have put her on Royal Canin Medical--vet recommended.
The vet has stressed the importance of her stool remaining soft, so she is on laxatives, 3 times a day
She does have a health guarantee against congenial disorders not common in her breed. I don't believe this prolapse issue is common in french bulldogs but I could be mistaken. I will be talking to the breeder soon to see what we can arrange.
Thanks for the help so far! If anyone has any more advice on non surgical options to fix the straining we would much appreciate it! might save us a few more trips to the vet
Thanks again,
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