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Just to confirm, he IS on a long lasting type insulin. Do you think we should switch to another type?
Talked to my mom today, and she said she has been feeding him wet food 3-4 times daily, and he gets a little bit of dry in between. Today he had a tiny bit of dry after breakfast but was sleeping later on and didn't ask for the dry after lunch (normally he would) and tonight he got the really low reading of 8. (from 19.3 in the morning, and 23 the day before) Maybe the dry food is affecting it? We are going to try without it for a few days to see if it makes a difference.

The vet told us if he is under 10 not to give insulin and call the office, of course it is after hours tonight, and we have called so many times and all she will tell us to do is drop the insulin dose. So we do, then he just stays at high numbers for weeks until we decide to try upping it again. When we skip his insulin dose by morning he is really high again and back to square one. We are concerned about him dropping too much, but should we continue with his dosing even if the number is below 10?

I will ask about changing the brand of insulin, and also if this "dry food" theory doesn't work we would be interested in trying to drop his dosage to see if he is having the "rebound". Anything else we should do?
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