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You are a wealth of information MaxaLisa. Thank you. Interesting site.

I have been giving Halo the melatonin (3mg) once at night so far. Of course who knows what it is doing. I will try her on one in the morning and one at night starting later this week probably. During week days she sleeps all day at my office anyhow so tiredness won't be an issue.

Her skin is really improving since putting her on the Acidophilus (I think that's what I bought). It is a fairly strong pill and I was giving her two at one time, but I think now I will give her one in the morning and one at night also. Don't really know how much I should be giving her, for people it says 1-3 pills, so..... But, I really see a difference in her belly skin. She had some terrible red blotches going on that were quite ugly. I had been putting a bit of Panolog cream on the spots but that is so expensive I only used it a couple times. Since starting the acidophilus the spots are drying up and shrinking and not angry red anymore. Even her back yeasty flakes are diminishing. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but maybe not.

Oh, and I also switched her back to raw again. She has had raw before but she would stop eating it and switch back to kibble every now and then, so I decided enough was enough. She is eating healthier now, and not being given the choice of going back to kibble. Whatever, it seems to be collectively improving what is ultimately going to be a losing battle!

I'm just thrilled though that she is responding somewhat to whatever it is that I'm doing.
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