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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Well I bought the melatonin last night. 3mg caps, so I'll put one on her dinner tonight. The article says 6 mg for dogs over 30 lbs, but I gave Halo a Benadryl once and I thought she was dead she was so sound asleep. So I think I'll just try one and see what happens to her. If she's okay with one I'll go up to two. I'll give them with dinner because I gather they are supposed to also make you tired. Wish me luck. I bought her a probiotic also to try to help with the yeast. Gave her that this morning.
I meant to respond to this earlier!

I am a night owl, have been most of my life, but lately chronically sleep deprived. I have 1/2 mg melatonin pills here for my 20 pound Jazz. I sometimes take them to try to get myself to sleep earlier, and they wipe me out jut at that amount. I don't know how people (and dogs) take some of these high doses recommended for cancer, cushings, etc. I guess you work up to it.

It I supposed to make a person sleep, so if given only once a day, it should be given at night. But since it can lower cortisol, they recommend twice a day I guess. If you find it intolerable because of sleepiness, you might only be able to give this at night.

HOWEVER, I was looking up some stuff a couple day ago about phosphatidylserine recently, by accident really, I wanted phosphatidylcholine (which is supposed to help with ulcers maybe), though it shows promise for anti-anxiety (my girl has separation anxiety), but I digress.... The phosphatidylserine is supposed to be a potent cortisol blocker. I think that shows promise for use during the day, but I couldn't find any anectodal reports of its use in cushing's on the web. I found an overview of different products here, in case you want to look further:

I don't know about the yeast. Skin issues often are helped by a little extra zinc and some biotin. I think when I used some choline on jazz before, her dark skin lightened up, which I thought was weird, so maybe if the melatonin helps, you will see that improve, or if you try the PS.
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