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I think experimenting is about the best we can do in these circumstances....

How is Shiloh (do I have that name right???)? I had to treat Jazz here for some urinary problems with cipro, and then after that she had a flare-up of clostridium, and then all sorts of issues, so I completely understand how frustrating this is. I just posted about this in another thread, but the key for Jazz, eventually, was apple pectin (introduced slowly and increased) with probiotics, though she has remained on antibiotics (thankfully only on one now instead of two).

Did you look at the bloodwork to see if anything else was near the "edges" of normal?

You know, with timber, when I see those liver enzymes go up, I'm going to worry about the tbd maybe coming back (I am paranoid that way ). I hope that the dmg helps. Max didn't do well on it, it made his paw swell, oddly. I think it was too immune stimulating in the wrong way. I use Country Life's Liver Support Factors, but, again, harder and more expensive to get on that side of the border, so you might find a better alternative. I know someone in Canada that found this product to be a better deal:

I am a big fan of HA, it has worked well here. I have been trying to figure out some of my own allergies and stopped taking my glucosamine and chondroitin, which created a lot of joint pain for me. I started the HA alone and have been doing well. I've used it for all my dogs. In Canada, they have the injectable Carrophen Vet (not available in the US), which is supposed to be very helpful. We have Adequan, which many say is not as good, but is essentially injectable HA.
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