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New french bulldog puppy has prolapsed rectum 12 times!

Hi there,

We are posting with hopes that someone can help us with advice or insight on how to handle our new puppies issue
She is a 12 week old frenchie that has an amazing temperament and is full of energy
Since we got her she has prolapsed her rectum over a dozen times.
We have consulted with out vet and they have placed a purse string suture with hopes to hold the rectum in. They have tested her for parasites several times and all have come back negative. We have dewormed her 2 times with panacur
We put her on laxatives, painkillers and a hypoallergenic diet by (royal canin medical)
They took her suture out after being in for 7 days and shortly after she prolapsed again.
They have since put a new suture in and have given her metrodiazanole to treat colitis (inflammation of the large intestines)
It has been now 2 weeks since this all began and she still continues to strain with every poop. It takes her between 5-15minutes everytime
The vets are stumped and I am at a loss for words
We are not in the position to spend much more on surgery (colopexy) which is what the vet is reccomending if this treatment of metrodiazanole doesn't work
Please help, any advise would be much appreciated!
Thanks again
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