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Well, I hope we have a better sleep tonight. Blood results are in and everything looks fine. Just some elevated sodium and potassium. Think she had that the last time and our vet says maybe some dehydration. Everything else is normal. So that is great news, just dealing with old body, old mind and old intestines.

Timber had elevated lipase, ALT and AST and elevated urea so she suggested a urine test. Not sure the exact numbers but she said it was not high enough to indicate liver or kidney disease. Two years ago, Timber had elevated liver enzymes so nothing new I guess. Just helps to know and perhaps I can add some milk thistle and keep fluid intake up. I was just reading about a supplement called DMG - might try that as it is good for the immune system and helps the liver.

MaxaLisa, I hope your girl is doing well. I looked up the cholodin and find it difficult to try and find some of these things in Canada but I might try human choline supplements and phosphatidylserine (ingredient in senilife). Perhaps that will help her brain rest at night I thought about melatonin as well. I might experiment with a few things.
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