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Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
Pre-diabetes he was on Nature's Variety canned with some dry supplemented. The vet suggested the diabetic food which my decided to try to see if it helped. It was the food they sell in the office. He would get canned twice a day with a little dry in between. There wasn't much of a difference on the diabetic food and I have heard they are not the best so we have now switched him back to the Nature's Variety.
The prescription "diabetic" food totally sucks for sure and is a waste of money. Is he back on just NV canned, or does he still get dry as well? Which NV is it (Instinct, Homestyle)? So did all these diet changes occur while the dose was being raised? I'm wondering if rebound might be an issue, especially considering the roller coaster numbers. One way to check would be to drop the dose back to 1 unit for a couple days, testing his blood sugar every few hours if possible. You test at home, right? I can't quite tell from your post, is he getting 5 units twice a day or just once a day?
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