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Unhappy 12 Week Puppy with Cherry Eye!

Hey guys, Im new to this website, but I was reading forums about dogs being infected with a cherry eye.
Well my dog is a male half shih tzu half pomeranian, and he developed cherry eye in one eye when he was 12 weeks.. I tried the massaging technique but it did not work and it has been here for about a month now.
I assume my only hope is surgery but I plan to do it when he is getting neutered as well which will be when he is 6 months. He is almost hitting is 4th month so I'm just wondering if you guys can refer me to any vets that deal with this surgery and an approximate quote on the cost. I'm a student so my budget it quite tight, however I do want the best for my puppy.
Any opinions or any one that has dealed with cherry eye with their dog can leave comments too.
PS. I'm from Ontario Mississauga - but a vet in toronto..markham..barrie..waterloo.. is suggestable too. Anywhere in Ontario basically.
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