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hi sateat- your bert needs to get adjusted to his home. I just lost my beloved coco on 1/11/14 from old age medical problems. I had another cat black/white calico cat died in 11//12/09 from urine blockage. Now esau/cat 13/14 yrs old use to greet coco with a kiss at the door. he is the only one left. Esau slept with me on my right side of the bed. I tried to discourage this all the time but if I closed the bedroom door he would scratch that door like into shreds, hes got a loud meow and living in a apt complex u cannot have a screeching cat meowing all night long, so I let him in because I had to go to work. I sleep on a twin size so u can imagine how little space I had. I recommend going to the vet and asking about a mild tranquilzer, low dosage. I gave it scarssely to my coco ecause he had ccd. and he would roam the apt at 3 am and bang into furniture because he was blind. the aroma spray sounds good but check with his vet. Now that coco is gone and esau knows this-animals know when one is missing or gone has been sleeping on the sofa which I never thought would happen.

He slept with me in the bed for 11 yrs. He is very attached to me when I am looking at tv he flops down on my chest. If u want to respond back to me im here as sweetheart1. I live in nyc,ny--do u? bye. Some cats express themselves as howlers MEOW,MEOW,MEOW! DAYTIME ISNOT SO BAD BUT WE NEED TO SLEEP. GO TO THE VET AND ASK ABOUT THE PILL.
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