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Incessant Cat Meowing, Nothing so far helps

I have this cat, his name is Bertticus von Fuzzypants, Bert for short. He is two years old and a rescue animal. The lady we got him from had a LOT of cats and a LOT of kids crammed into a house. We know he has been abused and mistreated as my husband can pet him all he likes, he just loves it, but me... He looks at me like Im the devil and bites me. I pull my hand away and he cringes like I will hit him. I have never harmed an animal in my life and wouldnt start now. Poor little guy. I also have another cat, Sasha, shes just above one year old and is the princess of the world. Amazing darling cat, spoilt to the point of insanity. She isnt the problem.

At 4 am every morning and most days its starts at 2 am Bert will come to our door and start shaking it, sounds like a linebacker slamming into it. He is a bigger cat so I get that he is strong. He starts wailing like hes on fire, and it doesnt stop until I get up. I know I am supposed to ignore this behaviour and for a month myself and my husband tried but it didnt stop. I will these days get up at 4 am to allow my husband to sleep just a little bit longer but Im wearing myself out with this.

I understand he has seperation anxiety and no I cannot have them sleep in our room, tried that and we didnt get any sleep at all. He has been to the vet and there is nothing physically wrong with him.

We have tried putting him in the laundry room, both of them at night with food and water, they have a cat tree out there and their litter box but he destroys the room and is ripping apart the door. Have tried the water spritzing and the whole lot, play before sleep and the diffuser and nothing has worked.

I am at my wits end here and if I dont get some sleep it isnt going to be pretty. Any and all help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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