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Sorry I just saw this thread. I hope your pup has perked up some since you posted. My senior Akita cross at 14 had arthritis and once it hit her spine she had fecal incontinence. She also would wander around sort of lost at times, and I do believe it's just doggy old age. My 13 and a half year old lab now was looking for me the other night after going out for a pee, I finally had to go find her and bring her back to bed - poor thing. Anyhow, our fecal incontinence issue was a result of arthritis blocking the messages to her brain that she had to go. For us that was one of the final signs that our beloved girl's body was not her own anymore (she was no longer responding to pain meds for the arthritis and had trouble standing and walking) and we had her put to sleep shortly thereafter. Please know it was not because she was pooping in the house, I would have cleaned her poop forever, like I said, it was just one of many signs that her body was not working for her. Much like your pup, she had never messed in the house and when she did in her old age you could see it in her face that she was horrified. Bless her soul I do miss my old girl. Good luck to you with your pup.
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