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Just get kittens for a depressed older cat - Do you agree?

Hi members,

Saw this over the weekend and I was just curious what other members think?

Q: My 17-year-old cat is now alone for the first time in over 14 years. I adopted three cats from our local humane society, and he was the middle cat. The other two cats have now passed away, and Hunter appears lonely. At first, he didn’t seem to care that the other cats were gone, but now he seems bothered, although he continues to eat well and sometimes does play. Any advice? – M.C., Eagan, Minn.

A: “I’m very sorry to hear about your two cats,” says Vancouver, Canada-based feline veterinarian Dr. Margie Scherk, editor of Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. “First, see your veterinarian to ensure there is no medical explanation – and at 17 years, the reality is that it’s a distinct possibility.”

Scherk continues, “Once you rule that out, find something your old cat can interact with. Try an iPad.” Scherk isn’t suggesting that your cat learn accounting software or send email, but there are apps available with games specifically for cats. Playing a few games a day might be enough to replace your cat’s interaction with his friends.

If this plan fails, consider adopting two kittens. In general, kittens are easier for older cats to accept because they’re less threatening than adult cats. However, all that energy can be annoying to an old-timer. That’s the theory behind getting two kittens; they can play with one another and not pester the 17-year-old. However, they would associate with the older cat, providing companionship.

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