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Thank you for your response I appreciate you posting the link. I am a little bit confused about the ears pulled back indicating aggressiveness. I tried to find more information on this as well, but according to the link you posted:

"When your dog is relaxed and comfortable, he’ll hold his ears naturally. When he’s alert, he’ll raise them higher on his head and he’ll direct them toward whatever’s holding his interest. Your dog will also raise his ears up and forward when he’s feeling aggressive. If your dog has his ears pulled back slightly, he’s signalling his intention to be friendly. If his ears are completely flattened or stuck out to the sides of his head, he’s signalling that he’s frightened or feeling submissive."

Are there any suggestions for how I should be responding to my dog when he acts in this way? When he backed away/barked/bared his teeth at our neighbour, I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to our dog.

I am open to any suggestions to help further ease the major transition in our lives. Our dog did very well in training class right before the birth of our child, and we have kept up daily exercise. These new behaviours are concerning to me, and I am getting in touch with our dog's trainer as well. I used the forum in the past when I first rescued my dog, and I know that there are a lot of very informed members who I am hoping may be able to offer further advice
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