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Sick kitty :(

Hi All!
First time poster and looking for some advice. Our cat started showing little interest in his food over the weekend, and stopped eating altogether on Monday of this week. He became very lethargic, non-responsive when called, and has stopped sleeping on the bed, choosing the floor, or inside a closet instead. He no longer grooms himself. He went to the vet yesterday and we were told he was dehydrated. Options were to put him down or pay $600 for tests to *possibly* find out what's wrong. Needless to say we brought him home.

We were given a liquid, high-nutrient food and a syringe to force-feed and give him water with. He's using his litter box and urinating ok, but his stool is very runny. He also seems to be throwing up not long after being fed. He seems weaker than usual, but still has no problems climbing. Any ideas? He's 17, and otherwise healthy. Thanks

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