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Hmmm. 7.5 weeks is very young to adopt a dog but the dog is adopted now, so no use dwelling on that fact.

If the dog was older I'd say take the crate out of the bedroom and tough it out...but the dog is just a baby.

The sleeping on the couch with the dog till it gets a bit older seems like an interesting idea.

If you are firm on the crate though, I might try earplugs until the dog settles down..but I would try everything in my power NOT to reward the dog in any way (by paying attention to it) while it is doing the howling/whining.

Be curious to know what other members think about this....but I believe my need to sleep would win against the dog's need for comfort....and if I could not get the dog's whining under control, it would remain in the crate, but it would not be sleeping in my room for long.
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