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Update on Billy,
So he got his stitches out last Friday and the wound has healed very nicely. He was pretty much back to his old self on day 2. Amazes me how quickly they bounce back!
I did ask for the lab report and it is two pages of mostly medical jargon that I cannot understand.
Lisa, the mitotic index is less than 1 per 10 400 X high-power field.
Ruptured and inflamed mast cell tumor low grade II narrowly incomplete excision. Variable clinical behaviour can be anticipated.
Mild anisocytosis and anisokaryosis.
Neoplastic cells infiltrated by small to moderate eosinophils.
No visible karyomegalic or multinucleated cells.
No visible lymphatic invasion.
Low number mast cells extend into deep surgical margin of specimen submitted.
The above was explained to me by our vet as best she could. We are just happy he's happy and back to his old self and hope we have a couple of good years left with him.
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