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Unhappy Please help, DURABLE (reasonably priced) dog boot needed

i have been on the search to find a DURABLE, quality, afforably priced , (and comfortable) winter dog boot for my Service Dog.

i've gone through 6, maybe 7 now, dog boots and still have not found one that i'm entirely happy with.

(you can see my entire rundown list here if youre curious:

My SD is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... and the thing is, i don't have a car, so we have to walk everywhere we go which means his little feet cover a lot of miles and require really sound protection from the ice, snow, salt and whatever else is out there.

ive been using the Nordic Trek boots right now and they arent horrible, BUT i'm starting to loathe zippers AND they are pretty 'high top' boots. Which are fine for the back feet, but for the front ones the tops tend to reach right to where his (elbows?..knees?) are which i would think make for uncomfortable wear in the long run so i worry about possible damage to his legs/body eventually if i continue to use them.

So i'd prefer a 'low top' boot that is going to last and be good on his feet.

He wears a size 2.25 apx while his back feet seem a little tiny bit smaller. It's an annoying size where most boots are either for little foo-foo dogs or the large sporting dogs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? i've been wasting a pile of money trying to find the right boot and it's driving me nuts.

for any suggestions
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