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Originally Posted by RUSTYcat View Post
Welcome to the forum, pmo !

Well, pmo, I wouldn't be doing any waiting and watching.....

We never had a followup report from snarkytea , so there's no learning from that story.

I can assure you that, IF your cat's lesions are EGC, the earlier the treatment, the better.

Did you READ the article that Love4himies provided?

One more thing: all Vets are not 'created equal'. Many general practice Vets will either misdiagnose or mistreat EGC (that comes from my reading of other peoples' accounts on forums like this).

OTOH, most competent cat-only Vets will get an A++ in both categories!

Unlike snarkytea, hopefully you'll return and tell us the outcome!

Well I did take her to the vet and it wasn't of concern to her. She had said it was the results of fighting with another cat in the household. Over time it eventually healed up, but it looked awful in the process.

Thanks for all your help! I am glad I got it looked at.
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