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Thanks again MaxaLisa.
We had a good visit with the holistic vet today. She made me feel better by letting me know that bladder cancer is rare while vaginitis is not so she thought that if she had cancer she would be straining more or have blood in her urine. I pointed out the swollen lymph nodes and she felt that they were too low on her leg. Thought it might just be fat so what do I know. She said her hamstrings were very sensitive and did acupuncture and physical therapy again. I have continued to give the Chinese herbs which are supposed to strengthen the hind end and the other one is a anti-inflammatory which is good because conventional vets want to give me metacam and I'm really not comfortable with that.

My regular vet is also back in town so she also called and said she was just at a vet conference that said to extend the antibiotics one more week. She is feeling better 6 days in so I hope it was just a bad case of vaginitis. She will also come and do some testing when she is off the antibiotics. Not sure what she said now, some sensitivity/culture test? Can't exactly remember.

The holistic vet said a lot of what you mentioned in your previous post. Diagnosis isn't always easy, even with advancements in medicine. It seems that in vet medicine it is still the same old treatments like steroids, metacam, antibiotics. Sometimes they work great but other times it's not the right thing at all. She mentioned a story of a dog who had some type of hind end limp and the owners decided to go to a vet in the US for surgery and that causes paralysis. I always think it's terrible I live where there is no access to CT scan or MRI but maybe these things don't always give you the answers either.

I'm sorry you are having troubles with the health of your girl. You work so hard to help your pets (and other peoples pets) get well. She is lucky to have you.

I'll keep you posted on our progress.

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