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Originally Posted by cockertail View Post
kelowna is one of the most dog hating cities I know of and dog haters are always complaining and won't be happy unless dogs are banned completely from the city.I don't know how my retractable leash could cut anyone.But I use it all the time and my pooch loves to run so he has 16' to run and then he stops and sniffs and I keep walking and then he has 32 ft to run up ahead again and this way he gets more exercise and gets to run some.But when I pass some one I real him in so he can't get more than a few feet from me.

The retractable leash is very thin and sharp and has cut people fingers off! Believe my knees where bleeding after a retractable leash rubbed against my bare knees , I had shorts on. Whenever I see a dog on a retractable leash I tell the owner to stay away from my dog and me. My dog is small if the leash cut his neck it could kill him.
Longblades , nitwit it good word for the person that cut my knees with their dog leash.
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