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Female cat defecating in the living room

Maggie is a 7 year old DSH. She is spayed and declawed and entirely indoors.

We moved to a new/old house a little over a year ago as a small family adding Sam (the laborador) to our group in late June. There were some previous animals in the house as evident on the carpet (which I had cleaned before we moved in) and the bare floors in the stove room. This home is a 2500 square foot rambler with the litter box at the opposite end of the house from the living room.

We switched food for the cats about July of last year and food for Justin around August of last year. The cats and Justin eat at the same spot in the kitchen (they always have), while Sam (the laborador) eats on the opposite end of the kitchen since he is large and invasive, not to mention a vacuum when it comes to any kind of food.

Maggie started using the living room as her powder room a short while after we moved in (before Sam) for all aspects of her potty needs. We only noticed the urine aspect of the issue when the urine smell in the room became apparent. Previously we had only thought it to be the defecation. We collected a fecal sample and drove her off to the vet. Tests were ran, anal glands were cleared, and the results came back negative on all fronts. She did not do this everyday and we chalked it up to a behavior problem due to the prior smells still left in the home. We cleaned with Odor Remover, special solutions from my carpet guy, nothing was working.

3 weeks ago we ripped out all the carpet left in the house and sealed the floors with Kilz. I had come to my wits end and although I love my cat, it was either her or the carpet and the carpet was going eventually anyways. I laid down a few area rugs to ease the human pain of walking on bare floors until we could afford to remodel. We thought the problem had stopped. Maggie was a good girl again.

Last week I had surgery and was laid up in bed for a couple days. The others in the house closed my door to deaden the sound and let me sleep. 3 days ago I see her prowling behind the television and I think 'oh no', we are watching a movie and she poops right in front of us all on the area rug. I scolder her, rubbed her nose in it, carried her to the litter box. The next day I wake up to a pile in the same spot. This morning we are laying in bed and I am petting both Justin and Maggie together. Maggie hauls off and bites him, so I swat her off. 2 hours later another pile in the same spot.

I am not sure what to do any longer. I have tried everything I know and we are going back to the vet today.

Please help
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