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Thanks MaxaLisa,

I think things are okay??? I say that because I took her to a vet the other day, regular vet was out of town. She seemed to be very uncomfortable and was holder her tail between her legs. My regular vet performed a urine test which was clean but she seemed to be having a problem with vaginitis so it was recommended to cleanse the area and apply hibitane ointment. Timber had that same issue and I was able to get it under control that way. It just seemed like she was extremely sore so wanted to get it looked at. They did a swab which I thought would be helpful but basically just stained it and told me their was yeast and bacteria. I don't find that very useful (unless they were actually going to do a culture). However, I guess it did show yeast as well as bacteria and they gave me some clavamox.

The other thing he mentioned that I keep thinking about, given her age, that she could have bladder cancer. However, I am trying not to panic about that. I understand they tell you all the reasons for bladder discomfort and hope it is just an infection that needs a little help. Not sure why the urine test didn't detect anything though if it is just an infection???

I'm hoping the antibiotics do not throw us off. She has been pretty good so don't want to trigger any digestive upset.

Still seeing the holistic vet next week and her leg seems to be a little better so that is good. Am one week into the Sashas Blend.
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