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Thank you for replying to my post!

Yes, Apricot received two vaccines, Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations at the same time as the well as a microchip.

He will not eat stinky wet foods like Friskies or even canned tuna. He just likes the broth/liquid gravy that Fancy Feast dinners are stored in. He will not chew any foods, only liquids. The vet prescribed him Clavamox twice daily orally and provided me with a large syringe for a food slurry with which I have been feeding him baby food (chicken flavor, all natural, no other ingredients but chicken and broth).

My new concern is that he seems weak in the chest. When i pick him up predominately by his chest, he squeaks! His breathing is audible and has not meowed for days...which is quite unusual!!

Today he seems just as lethargic, despite receiving fluids and two doses of antibiotics since the vet visit. He has eaten more today than he has for the past six days since surgery, so perhaps this is a good sign!?

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