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Well, we've just come back from the vet's office. One of the vets there examined Bindo, and said she detected and could definitely feel some swelling in his belly, and suggested that, because Bindo's been constipiated for the past few days, it could very possibly and simply be a build up of solid waste that he hasn't been able to get rid of.

She gave me a stool softener/lubricant, as well as a tablet for worms, and cleaned his back end as best she could.

I asked her if it could be the anal glands/anal sacs building up and discharging, but when she looked and examine them more specifically, she said they (the glands/sacs) didn't look overly full...which could mean, too, that they've already discharged and are on their way to being 'normal' again.

Aine (the vet) advised that, because their office here in town isn't an animal hospital and they don't have the proper equipment for things like x-rays, if Bindo gets worse, or if there is no improvement in two or three days, for me to ring her back and she will set up an appointment at the nearest animal hospital (I know it, and it has a good reputation of highly qualified and caring vets and veterinary surgeons there). and that they will be able to do x-rays on site, with almost immediate results.

Aine said she honestly can't tell if it's a growth or any kind or, God forbid, a tumourous mass, simply by feeling his belly area, which is why she advised x-rays in a couple of days if Bindo doesn't improve and is still constipated. She could feel a swelling, but it could be anything - from common constipation to...something more serious that I don't want to think about.

This is so difficult. This...waiting. I would take him to the animal hospital today, but he's been through enough for one day at our vet's office with all the poking and prodding (gentle as it was) and Bindo's always been easily freaked out by anything different in his routine (which this definitely was). I just want him to get calmer and relaxed and let him sleep in familiar and loving surroundings for the next day or so. And hopefully...God...I hope this will be the case, that we will see improvement in the next few hours or by tomorrow, as far as him being able to use the litter box.

It's breaking my heart not being able to do more for him...except wait to see what happens...When our beloved pets are feeling poorly, they can't tell us - except in body language and behaviour - what's wrong. It's a guessing game, which is so stressful and anxiety-inducing and worrying. I'm praying to God that it's only a bad case of common constipation, and nothing more serious than that.

Save a prayer for my beloved Bindo...that he'll be okay.
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