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Thanks very much, Lynne, for replying back. I appreciate you taking the time to read through what I realised after I posted it, was a very long post, so thank you to everyone who read my post, but forgive me if I went on and on (and on and on).

I've already begun Bindo's fast about an hour ago, much to his annoyance, and yes, he (and my two other cats) have plenty of water for the overnight.

When he woke up from his nap earlier this evening, he wasn't as 'wet' as he was when I first posted this morning, but just looking at him again a few minutes ago, the area is back to being 'wet' (forgive me for being a bit too descriptive in my first post). I've looked at his eyes again, and they are bright. He is alert, and he is affectionate and purring and allowing me to pet him and allowing his two 'brothers' to nap alongside him.

I'm praying that our vet will tell me that it's only an upset tummy, or, at worst, constipation. I'm praying that he won't need surgery. I'm praying that he'll be alright. I know I'm not a vet, but even with his back end being the way it is, his appetite is okay, and he's not irritable or listless....I just don't know what to think...and I'm trying so very hard not to think the worst.

Thanks again for replying, and for your hope and good wishes for my little Bindo.
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