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Question Dry skin and excessive shedding in 14yr old female.

Hi there,
So my cat has always been the type to stress out and shed a bit of hair every once in a while, but it doesn't last long and always grows back. This is our first dry/cold winter in a long time and she has been shedding a ridiculous amount over the last month, and her skin has started to flake quite a lot over the last few days. In all her fourteen years, I've never seen her shed this much and she has never had flaky skin. Today I also noticed she has a runny eye. She doesn't seem to be overly itchy or in pain, but she doesn't seem too happy either. I've tried combing out the loose hairs but they just won't cease, and coconut oil didn't seem to help her skin.
Anyway, I'm just not sure if this is normal or needs to be looked at by a vet. Is there any product (preferably natural) that I can use to help remedy it? Any suggestions/advice?

Thanks in advance,
Sarah and Tigger
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