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My Dog is a Junk Food Eater

I am hoping you guys could help me curb my dogs addiction to what I call the "McDonald's" of dog food.
Porscha has recently come to our family and her previous owners sent us home with some of her current food she eats…Pedigree
She is also over weight (go figure). I have recently bought a small bag of Acana Light and Fit and have started to transition her diet. Well she only eats the Pedigree and literally leave the few kibbles of Acana in the bowl. Help please! How do I transition to a better quality food if she picks through? I haven't fed her yet this morning as there is still Acana in the bowl from last night and she hasn't gone near it. I know she's not starving as she has some reserves on her belly LOL! But any ideas or recommendations from some tried and true methods would be appreciated thanks!
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