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Well right now she is showing some symptoms such as weight gain, increased thirst and urination (which may be part of her incontinence issue) and extreme panting. Her coat has deteriorated over the last while, but we had really put that down to old age.

My vet does seem to have a good grip on the treatment options. Now as Hazel can relate with her pack, spending tons of money is not a great plan. I have to be able to take care of all of them not just Halo. So extreme measures we won't do anyhow just due to her age, but we are going to talk next week after I've had a chance to assimilate some of this information, and decide on a go forward plan. He assures me she's not in pain anyhow.

It's really something I have no experience with, but I do have a friend here in town who had a dog years ago who had cushing's so I'll talk with her this weekend I hope.
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