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Halo and Cushing's Disease

Okay, so just had a call from my vet that it seems Halo has cushing's disease. She had an ultrasound done today to rule out any cancers in her bladder/kidneys, etc., but it showed enlarged adrenal glands, likely caused by a tumour in the brain he said.

He has recommended some expensive drug tests to confirm this, and options of a couple of treatments that can be very costly also. I'm still sort of in overload situation here.

Any info or advice you can offer me on this would be appreciated. For the next week I have to just let it all sink in before I decide what to do. Extreme treatment is not going to be an option. Halo is old, and while I love her to bits, I do have limits of what I can offer. What I have read tells me that most treatments offer improved quality of life but not extended life. Yes I know quality is important. Maybe more important than longevity.

Thanks for any input and experience you have in this area. For those who may not know Halo she is a 13 and a half year old black lab cross.
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