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teeth/gum issues

I have 2 but only the Torti is having a bad time with dental and gums. I didn't know about the issues until after I adopted her.

She has inflamed red gums that are getting worse, one chipped fang and at least 5 teeth that the vet wants to remove.

She is about 9, maybe 10 years old. She will not eat the dental kibble the vet recommended, she only likes the small kibble and she has cut back on that recently. She hates having her teeth brushed so have given up on that.

With the reality of infection already there or about to be, I don't see many options.

The cost of surgery is close to 2,000, with no guarantee of how many problem teeth would be removed. I have been told at least 5, maybe more depending on the problems they may uncover during surgery.

I see her quality of life going downhill fast. She wont eat the kibble that is meant to help her dental issues and will only eat 1 or 2 Feline Greenies dental treats.

I have no idea if you can give a cat a salt water rinse, and if you can how do you avoid losing your own skin? Would it help or make matters worse?

Thanks in advance.
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