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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Thanks everyone! The vet said she felt Sophie should be eating approx 650 kcal per day. I checked her current food and it shows 339 kcal per cup so I figure I am okay with the amount of calories.

The reason I brought this up to the vet is not only Sophie being so food motivated but the bag of food says that I should be feeding her based on her weight of 52 pds 3/12 - 4 cups per day and I currently only feed her 2 cups per day....???
If she is a healthy weight then the amount you are feeding is correct.

My first Lab girl was 56 pounds and she got about 800 calories a day and was a lean, healthy weight. My current Lab boy is 75 pounds and is getting about 1200 calories a day and is also a lean, healthy weight.

I did the math and my boy weighs about 34% more than my girl did but he needs 50% more in calories each day, same food. LOL, I have no idea what the bag says they should get.
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