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What is a dense dog food?

Hi All

I need a little bit of education on dog food. I had Sophie in for her annual check up with the vet. Everything looks great with her health so far and the only issue is an ear infection which we are looking after.
I discussed Sophie's insatiable appetite with our vet. She had a good laugh because Sophie is a typical Lab with food. She is extremely food motivated and always seems to be looking for something and always eating everything she comes across. She loves her food and when she eats she is done in seconds which bothers us. Anyway the vet seem to think she is getting enough to eat but suggested that I look for a denser food for her. She then mentioned the brand they sell Medical which is horrible for ingredients.

So my question is "what am I looking for"? higher protein, no grains? I am not sure. We tried awhile ago to switch her over to Orijen but I think it was too rich for her?? I could try that again as it has been awhile.

She currently is eating Nutro Lamb and Brown Rice which isn't the best food at all but it seems to work for her.

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