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My girlfriend and I are looking for a newfoundland dog breeder. We found one. Heaven on earth in red deer Alberta. We just filled out the questionnaire and sent it off. We are now waiting to hear back. Though talking with friends I'm being warned to make sure they're not a puppy mill simply for the amount of dogs they have. They have a lot of male and females however they're ckc registered and appear to have a very large living area for their animals, heart and hip information on their dogs

We have been having a hard time finding a breeder that replies to emails. It could be that they're not breeding right now or we might looking to get on a waiting list too early. 6-8 months is when we are hoping to find us a dog. But we want to find a reputable breeder now and if we have to wait so be it.
I have 2 Newfoundlands from Heaven On Earth and Love them!! Christy is a wonderful breeder who truly loves her dogs. The barn they built for the dogs is nicer than most people's homes. Her dogs are all beautiful and friendly, they all greeted us at the gates. We were there for over 2 hours and she answered all our questions we had and showed us everything, it was a wonderful time. She keeps her retired dogs which is great for you can see the great grand parents, aunts and uncles, she doesn't toss them out the door like some breeders do when they are no longer breeding. I have meet a lot of breeders over my life time and I would highly recommend Heaven on Earth! Don't understand how people can sit on their computers and go to forums to ask others what they should do? Make a appointment and go see for yourself
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