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My puppy has diarrhea

Hi, I have 12weeks old bull terrier.
We have been feeding her puppy chow for about a month and she was fine.
Then she started her diarrhea last week all of sudden.
There was little bit of blood at the end too.
We went to vet and fecal test and ringworm test were negative.
We didn't check parvovirus bc she was still very playfully, no vomit, and eats well.
We got probiotic medicine so I stared giving her pumpkin purée with probiotic for 3days and her stool was little hard but still loose for first day.
Second day I gave her pumpkin purée with some new puppy food- simply nourish grain free. Her stool got really loose again and showing blood at the end again.

So I stopped giving her puppy food and her stool seems better but not hard as it used to be.

I didn't think the puppy food caused her diarrhea bc she was fine before.
But then when she eats puppy food stool does get worse...
I think it might be the foreign object but not really sure.
And it seems like probiotic doesn't work.

I really need some help and advice..
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