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Angry nasal discharge on dog

Hello caribou- I live in nyc,ny usa and we have a state of the art place called amc. its considered to better than cornell,tding tests which can sometimes run tuft clinics. It also costs just fo a consult 175.00, not including tests which can run in $$$$$$. I just lost my Lhasa apso 15/16 yrs old ,IVDD, (paralyzed legs) heart mumur 5/6,heavy panting, CCD-dementia. scarpenia (muscle loss) I felt his back bones. blind-cornel ulcer. On the day he died he was laying on my bed and he did not want to eat or drink. I knew in my heart that it was going downhill very,very ffast. I saw a neuro on 12/20/13 and he was able to walk very slowly inside the clinic. he got a pescrption o a steroid which was suppose to take away edma from the brain and back spinal cord-degenerated discs. what you should try to do is find a teaching animal hospital in canada and get a x-ray/mri to see if there is a tumor in the frontal lobe. most glomas start out in the nose area. it may not be visable on the outside which a lot of mcts are on the skin. my boys mct was on his chest.they go by grades. his was gade2 so he had a chance of survival.if u want to get back to me im here as sweethert1. I do not want to worry u but if you catch it early his chances are good. Im sad. I lost him and I do not think he was in great pain I had him on rhymdlyy daily but I think I needed tamdol in the end.Its banned in nyc.nj. its a opiate. good luck. sweetheart1
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