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Lydia, I'm so sorry for your loss of Coco. Like Winston, most of us here have lost beloved pets, and for every person it is different. Some wait a year to get a new pet, others (like myself) get a new pet right away. I just can't picture life without a dog at my feet - or on my feet! It's obvious you loved your sweet Coco and gave him everything you could.

I love Winston's suggestion that you could volunteer to walk dogs for the SPCA. Can't you just imagine that Coco would be proud of you for sharing your love with those pups who need love as much as you do. If I didn't have three dogs of my own right now, that's what I would want to do.

I hope you come back here to visit us again. We're here for you if you need anything. Let me tell you from my own experience, that Winston's offer of moral support is sincere. She's a lovely person with so much love and support to offer people.
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