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Just an update. Poor girl wasn't improving and she also had soft stool and increased urination. I took her off all supplements and put her on a bland diet or chicken, rice and veggies. That seemed to help as she was going out multiple times to pee and poo during the night. Had are regular vet come and check her urine which was perfect so eventually she started feeling better and for the last two nights, has been sleeping the entire night!

The vet also felt her lame leg and thinks it is an injured cruciate ligament in her knee. Usually surgery fixes this but not recommended because of her age. This can apparently take months to get better. It's hard to have a lame leg when your hind end is weak. I'm going back to the holistic vet in a few weeks.

I've also found a Canadian site where I can order the Sasha's blend online. They seem to have a number of good looking pet supplements. Not sure what would be best for a ligament but they did have a number of supplements made by Vetri-Science, Pet Alive, one called Carticil so I will have to figure out which one to try.
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